7 Crucial Questions to Ask from Your Duct Cleaning Company

At Duct Ninjas, we understand the significance of maintaining clean air ducts for the well-being of your home or business. As the air circulates, the ductwork accumulates dust and contaminants, which, if left unattended, can degrade air quality, pose health risks, and even inflate utility bills. Our commitment to delivering top-notch air duct cleaning services stems from our NADCA certification, ensuring that we adhere to the highest standards in the HVAC industry.

1. How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

The longevity of a company in the HVAC industry is a testament to its trustworthiness and the quality of its work. A track record of providing top-quality air cleaning services indicates a team of highly educated technicians with extensive experience. At Duct Ninjas, our years in the industry reflect not only our expertise but also the satisfaction of our customers, who trust us to deliver safe and effective air duct cleaning services.

2. Is Your Company NADCA-Certified?

Being a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a mark of distinction in the HVAC industry. NADCA sets standards, encourages education, and provides certifications to promote the highest quality and ethical HVAC services. Our affiliation with NADCA ensures that our technicians are skilled and adhere to the industry’s best practices and quality standards, providing you peace of mind about the quality of our services.

3. Do I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

In a market saturated with air duct cleaning scams, it’s crucial to discern the signs that genuinely necessitate cleaning. Duct Ninjas places a premium on the quality of the air you breathe, prioritizing your family’s health over monetary gains. Our professional technicians can precisely identify the issues in your dirty air ducts, offering transparency about the buildup and outlining a comprehensive plan to eliminate contaminants, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

4. How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Understanding the air duct cleaning process is paramount. Before engaging technicians, it’s essential to know if they perform a pre-cleaning inspection, the equipment they use, and whether any chemicals are involved. At Duct Ninjas, we believe in transparency. Our detailed explanation of the cleaning process empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring that the job is done correctly, thoroughly, and, most importantly, safely for your family and pets.

5. Will My Entire Air Duct System Be Cleaned?

According to NADCA standards, a comprehensive air duct cleaning should place the entire system under negative pressure. Unlike some services that only address parts of your system, Duct Ninjas commits to cleaning your entire system, including the furnace, air conditioner, and supply and return air ducts. A visual inspection post-cleaning ensures transparency and allows you to witness the quality of our work.

6. Can Your Company Provide Proof of Insurance?

A credible cleaning company prioritizes your safety and peace of mind. Duct Ninjas holds liability insurance to cover any potential damages or injuries during the cleaning process. Our commitment to transparency includes readily providing you with written proof of insurance, and eliminating any risks associated with hiring an uninsured company.

7. Do You Have References?

Building trust is paramount when inviting professionals into your home or business. Duct Ninjas takes pride in sharing references and showcasing the satisfaction of our clients. Thoroughly reviewing our website and exploring online reviews further assures you of our reliability and the quality of our services.


If your air ducts have not been cleaned recently or if you’ve noticed deteriorating allergies, it’s time to consider professional cleaning. Duct Ninjas, a NADCA-certified air duct cleaning company in [Your Location], stands ready to provide unparalleled service. Our expertise ensures not only clean air ducts but also improved air quality and the optimal operation of your HVAC system. Contact Duct Ninjas today for air duct cleaning that goes beyond expectations.